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Ill Children

My child threw up last night but feels fine this morning, can he/she attend school?

Your child should stay home for the day. Your child should be symptom free for 24 hours prior to returning. 

My child threw up at school, now what has to happen?

Your child should be picked up within half an hour. Any and all symptoms should be gone for 24 hours prior to your returning to school. Child should not be on any medication to control symptoms, which means, to control a fever a child should not be on fever reducers for 24 hours. 


My child has a rash, redness or other skin abnormality that showed up.

Because a skin rash could be a symptom of something worse, it is advisable to have them seen by the Dr. prior to dropping them off at school. Children with a rash that has not been diagnosed will be sent home until a Dr. has cleared them from being contagious and stating that they are able to participate in regular activities.


My child had a fever and it went away after giving them a fever reducer. Can we bring them into school?

Because fever reducers such as Tylenol only helps for a couple of hours, the fever will come back and you child could still be contagious. This is why we ask that a child is off the fever reducer for 24 hours and then if no fever returns, they may come back.

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