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Covid 19

COVID - 19

Do children have to wear a mask?

No, although it is highly encouraged, children are not required to wear a mask. Even during a mask mandate, children under the age of 2 years old are not required to wear a mask.

My child has tested positive for COVID, what now?

Notify the center within 24 hours of being notified. Your child must stay home until they test negative and symptoms have cleared. Even if a child has tested negative, but symptoms are still apparent, your child could possibly have a communicable disease that is contagious. Please return to your child's Dr. and get a notice to clear your child from being contagious.

A family member that lives in the child's home has contracted COVID - 19, what now?

Test your child with a home test the morning the child is to go to school. 

My child had COVID recently and has been exposed to COVID - 19, Can they go to school?

If it has been three months r less, your child should be immune from the virus and may attend. If your child has symptoms, such as a fever or breathing issues, it would be best to consult with a pediatrician and get a clearance from them.

What happens if a child contracts COVID in another room?

Once notified we close the room for at least 7 days and we clean, sanitize and disinfect the room and all toys including items used by children. Staff must test and be negative after 3 days. Children must test negative after 7 days. If negative status, all may return. Otherwise, a positive test will result in everyone waiting for 3 days and then test again. Test should happen every three days or less until a negative test is obtained. Other classrooms will remain open. If there is a sibling, the sibling must remain home until the classroom closure has ended and then must be tested upon returning. This will prevent exposure if the sibling gets the disease. Because there might not be any symptoms we feel it is best to assume a child will get it until the possible exposure time is depleted. 


We do not have a COVID test and can not find them anywhere.

Because of Federal funding to the county we are given free tests from Child Care Council of Contra Costa County. For now we get the tests upon request and anytime you need one or more we are happy to supply them. Please ask if you need any tests. 


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