COVID 19 Updates:

November 12 2020

Added a COVID 19 page to our website that explains our protocol and offers information.

We know that as a parent you are concerned with COVID 19. Because our focus as a quality program is to maintain a high standard for health and safety first we are using this page to answer questions you may have regarding any protocol with the COVID 19 virus. Please come back often to see anything new. We are always adding new ways to prevent the spread of any disease. This page will be specific to COVID 19. Below you will find some of the protocol that we have already implemented. On the left we will add updates to any change in our policies regarding COVID 19.

Protocol for all family members:

  • We ask that parents remain outside during drop off and pick up times. 

  • Once you enter the gate, you are in a mandatory mask wearing area. If you need a mask, please call so that a staff member can meet you before entering our mandatory mask area. 

  • Children should bring a mask to school, daily. We will do our best to encourage mask wearing.

  • Any child with any symptoms related to any illness will be asked to remain at home for at least 72 hours and may return if symptom free without medication. 

  • Children will be required to have a temperature reading prior to entering the classroom.

  • Any adults on file that have permission to pick up a child will be allowed. 

  • Adults that have show any symptoms of illness will not be permitted on property. Please remain at home and arrange for pick up or drop off by an adult with no symptoms. 

  • Please refrain from bringing visitors. Only one adult should be dropping off or picking up. If possible, this includes siblings. 

What are we doing?

  • Our facility is cleaned and sanitized daily. 

  • For younger children, we will remove toys and items if a child puts them in their mouth and they will be sanitized appropriately. 

  • All toys in each classroom are sanitized daily with Hydrogen Peroxide. Regularly use items will be washed with hot water in our dishwasher.

  • Body temperature of every child and staff is taken and logged every day. Anyone with a temperature !00 degrees or higher will not be allowed to remain at the center.

  • Anyone with a symptom of illness will be sent home. We ask that children be picked up as soon as possible. Children will be isolated away from others until they are picked up. 

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