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Stepping Stones is devoted to nourishing the physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth of each child in an enticing environment of self-discovery. We strive to provide the preschooler continuity with familiar activities which help them to build their abilities in each domain. Hands-on activities provide developmentally appropriate pre-reading, pre-math, science and literacy experiences. Social skills are emphasized; this is an age where children are still relatively “me-centered” and so one goal is to help the children become more aware of others’ feelings and needs and respect each others. We also work on ways children can effectively express their own feelings and needs. We provide opportunities to teach them different languages including Mandarin, Spanish and let them explore and learn from different cultures and try different foods. 

We use creative curriculum as our guide and ECERS as our assessment tool so that we can always observe and see our setting is appropriate for our class. 
Each month we provide our preschoolers with new themes and activities . Art, cooking and science experiment are also being implemented in our monthly activities. Zoo phonics and letter recognition will also be introduced to our children.


Most importantly we want our children to be able to learn in a loved and safe environment and knowing it is okay to make mistakes and be able to fix it.

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