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Stepping Stones is devoted to nourishing the physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth of each child in an enticing environment of self-discovery. We strive to provide the infants continuity with familiar activities which help them to build their abilities in each experience. Hands-on activities provide developmentally appropriate pre-reading, pre-math, science and literacy experiences. Social skills are emphasized; this is an age where children are still relatively “me-centered” and so one goal is to help the children become more aware of others’ feelings and needs. We also work on way children can effectively express their own feelings and needs. We also provide opportunities to teach them infant sign language. 

We use creative curriculum as our guide and ITERS as our assessment tool so that we can always observe and see our setting is appropriate for our class. 

In our infant class, each child has an individual plan and goals since his/her abilities may be very different to his/her peers. Our goals for them is to prepare them to get to the next step. For example, a 4 months old child may have  to work on his tummy time versus a 10 months old working on how to stand up with holding a walker.

We use Brightwheel to communicate to our parents and also share videos and pictures we took when our staffs are available to upload. Each child will have a daily log to send home and it has all the details of when the child eat, sleep, diaper change. Our goal is to provide the same routines as if the child is home with his/her parents.

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